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About Infinity Power Parachutes

There are many things that make the Infinity Power Parachute a machine for the ages. From its inception it has been one of the best Powered Parachutes on the market today.
Some of the things that set us apart from the rest of the industry are:

Our canopy hooks up points are located at a near perfect position in relation to the thrust line of the prop. Locating the Hook up points to high can make the machine fly with a proposing affect. The width of the chute hook-up points are near perfect. The parachute manufactures recommend approximately 60” spread minimum between the hook-up points to allow the chute to have the proper crown. With some of the other brands the points are to close together which gives the chute too much of a rounded crown making the machine fly less stable.

The Infinity is equipped with two High back molded seats Equipped with 4 point Individual seat harnesses allowing each occupant to be properly secured into there own seat giving the pilot and the passenger the best back and head support in the industry. Our front seat is also adjustable making the machine very accommodating for a short and or tall pilot without the use of tools needed for adjustment. Others have a low back seat providing virtually no head or neck support and also require tools to make even the simplest seat adjustment.

Our suspension consists of an ultra durable 1 ” fiber flex rod supported with a double sleeve chromally tube. The design allows the tire to move in all direction making your takeoff taxi run and landing smoother in all types of terrain. We are also the only manufacture using a large 22” completely smooth tundra tire for those less than perfect flying locations. The other manufactures have a design that allows the tire to move in an up and down motion only, coupled with the small tire size standard on most other powered parachutes, serious damage to your machines suspension can occur when the terrain is less than perfect.

Our engine and prop ring guard area is made up of 1” diameter aluminum tubing with an 1/8” wall thickness. Coupled with our triangulation cross bracing creates one of the strongest hoop cage areas of any machine being produced today. Some of the other manufactures use a larger diameter tube and consequently have to settle for a much thinner wall thickness to allow them to properly bend the shape required to make there cage area and with little or no structural cross bracing they lack the strength to avoid structural and or propeller damage in the event of a rollover or misdirected landing.

Another great feature is our removable frontal bar system, without affecting the structural integrity of the aircraft. You can purchase your Infinity with or without frontal bars. When secured in place they are as strong as any on the market yet with little effort they can be removed should you want that more open flying experience. For those of us who enjoy flying during the cold winter months our optional windshield is a great accessory to combat the winter wind. Some of the other manufactures have a non-removable frontal bar system which is needed to help support there lower tubular chassis design. For resale purposes it can be a very appealing option in the event that your customer may or may not care for the frontal bar concept.

The main chassis rails are machined from 3" x 3" x ” thick aluminum angle. Running from front to rear they offer the strongest main rail system of any machine on the market. They also provide a wide flat surface on which to mount the additional chassis components, this in turn ensures the added strength to all aspects of the chassis assembly and with an industry best 3 YEAR chassis warranty we are confident in its design and durability. Other manufactures may use round tubing for there main rail structure which will have more of a tendency to flex throughout the length of the assembly and make the mounting of the other components more difficult and gives it a less appealing look.

It is no secret that at Infinity we not only assemble every plane sold, but we also Test Run each plane as well, this is the only way to ensure that the customer receives a product where all the parts purchased or manufactured, function properly. With over 400 aircraft manufacturered and test run I have witnessed the majority of problems that can occur during the initial startup and after experiencing them on several occasions they can seem to be relatively simple here at our facility, however as any individual will tell you the electrical system is never simple unless you have seen the problem before. For instance there are several different areas that can cause a magneto to malfunction, or you may receive a wiring harness with a plug having the pins in the wrong location. You may receive a rectifier regulator which may allow to much voltage to enter the electrical system. And then there are the more devastating problems such as an engine with a bad rotary valve gear, requiring you to send the entire engine back to a warranty repair facility to be reworked, or simply having a set of carburetors that will not allow the engine to run smoothly. A lot of which may go unnoticed due to the lack of having something to compare to. More often than not everything goes off without a hitch, but when it doesn’t I could take weeks before the problem is diagnosed let alone rectified, and all this before we even start talking about missing parts, hard to understand assembly instructions, and the average 40-60 hours of assembly before you determine if you have any startup problems in the first place.

Listed here you will find all the equipment that comes standard on your Infinity Powered Parachute - Throttle and Dual Ground Steering controls, Rotax 582 B drive Electric Start, Dual Bucket seats with an adjustable front seat, Dual 4 point Harnesses, 500 square foot rectangular chute, Chute Bag and Line Sleeves, Verification Strobe, Grand Rapids Digital Engine Information System, 22" Smooth Tundra Tires mounted on polished spun aluminum wheels, Nylon Riser Cables, Side Storage Bag, Chute Steering Line Trimmers, and with a choice of 9 different colors your new Infinity Powered Parachute will come completely assembled with a 3 year warranty covering the chassis against factory defects. With the best warranty in the industry our Quality, strength in construction, attention to detail and superior handling make the Infinity Dollar for Dollar your best buy.

Customer Service is one of the most important parts of the sale, from shipping ordered parts by the next business day to being available to answer any question you may have. We have herd it time and again from people who have delt with other manufactures, “We provide our customers and dealers with the best support they have ever experienced in the industry” And we will continue the tradition of customer satisfaction and providing the best service possible.

Delivery of your Infinity will take place 2-4 weeks from the time your order is taken. We require a 25% deposit to begin, and the balance due upon delivery. With some of the other manufactures you may be required to pay anywhere from 50% to 100% in advance before they begin working on your order which may still take up to 6 weeks before your plane is shipped and in most cases there is still the assembly process and all the aspects that can arise from a kit purchased plane.

As you can see an amazing amount of thought has gone into not only the design but also the process by which you receive your new Infinity Power Parachute, With a background in machine design and a hands on knowledge of flying Powered Parachutes your Infinity has been designed with regards to pilot and passenger safety, comfort, superb handling and stability along with a durability factor second to none. I am confident that when you purchase an Infinity Powered Parachute with all its attention to detail and carefully thought out features you can not buy a better valued Powered Parachute regardless of how much you spend.

As always I promise to continue to build the highest quality product and offer it to our customer’s at the most affordable price I can. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to serving you and your desire to fly for many years to come.

Alvie Wall, President

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