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*Payload is defined as total weight of pilot and gear. Payload capacity can very depending on size and style of chute
**Climb rate will vary, depending on the payload and atmospheric conditions along with style and size of chute

Max Speed: 28-35 mph
Fuel Consumption: 4 gal./hr
Stall Speed: Virtually Stall Resistant
Climb Rate**: 350-800 ft/min
Cruise Speed: 28-35 mph
Takeoff Roll: 150-600 ft
Glide Ratio: 4/1
Landing Roll: 100 ft
Decent Rate: 500 FPM (engine off)
Ceiling: 10,500 ft
Empty Weight: 252 lbs.
Engine: 447 ROTAX Two Stroke
Payload*: 300 lbs 
Wing Area: 360 square feet
Fuel Capacity: 5 gal
Completely Assembled

Options Available:
503 Rotax Engine, 400 Sq. Ft. Chute, Deluxe EIS, Smooth Tundra Tires, Strobe Light, Exhaust Coating, Muffler Silencer, Clear Coat Paint, Propeller Spinner, Disc Brake, Adjustable Seat, Electric Start, "E" Drive or mag side starter, Side Storage Bag


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